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Tarot helps getting in touch with your feelings


Sometimes past trauma or a lifestyle focused exclusively around work leads us to feel disjointed and as if we are not in control of our own life. The claims of work and difficult relationships can cause us to lose touch with our real feelings. How do we get back in touch with our feelings in the face of what seems to be overwhelming demands?
One effective way of coping with overpowering emotional crises, either past or present, is to focus your attention on what you are actually feeling. An excellent way of doing this is to start a journal. There are many journals available commercially that are a pleasure to hold or which are suitable for you to decorate. Consider implementing a ritual of writing how you feel in your journal each evening. Always write what is true for you. Sit in your special space so that you can feel protected. I f you are feeling particularly jittery, imagine a line of blue light running around you, keeping you safe from distractions and any unhappy feelings projected toward you by your friends or lover. Implement this nightly ritual for yourself, particularly if you are experiencing a troublesome time. I f you don’t have the time to write each night, try to make a time at least once a week, on the same night or day and at the same time.